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ActivInspire 1.5 – Now Available

Interactive Lesson Development Software for all Interactive Whiteboards

ActivInspire is the educational software that powers the ActivClassroom. The foundation for any 21st century learning experience, ActivInspire enables teachers to lead the class via their interactive, multi-media whiteboard, support group collaboration and teamwork in the classroom through Promethean’s award-winning Learner Response Systems, and create differentiated lessons filled with rich, powerful activities to grab the attention of the whole class. It even features two different interfaces- bright and inviting for young learners, more sophisticated for older students.

ActivInspire is an effective teaching tool that gives teachers the ability to blend real-time, real-world experience with the learning process all while using sound, motion and visually engaging graphics to bring lessons to life.  Now with advanced pen and multi-touch capability, ActivInspire1.5 lets teachers go beyond the flipchart and interact with the page by zooming, rotating, moving, resizing and interacting with real world tools.

ActivInspire 1.5’s Question Manager makes creating, editing and managing Assessment for Learning activities a breeze.  With enhanced Self-Paced Learning functionality and new Set Square, teachers and students continue their 21st century learning journey with even more options. And now ActivInspire is available in 36 languages for any interactive whiteboard not just Promethean ActivBoards. Try it on your IWBs.

Now Every Classroom Can Be an ActivClassroom

Did you know that any classroom can be an ActivClassroom - even if you don’t have an ActivBoard? Even if you have a Smartboard? Even if you don’t even have an interactive whiteboard at all?  With the new ActivInspire software, the possibilities are endless! Whether you're a veteran user of the ActivClassroom, or have never heard of an interactive whiteboard, the latest addition to the ActivSoftware family is sure to make an impact on teaching and learning in your classroom.

For full product specifications and further information, please contact the Active Technology Team on 0405 499 914.

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